Ann Arbor Party Bus to see Ann Arbor’s Best Events

Why a Limo or Party Bus to Ann Arbor?

Downtown Ann Arbor has so much to offer- from shopping, to the theatre, to fine and casual dining and more. The biggest challenge when visiting Ann Arbor is PARKING. Ann Arbor has a lot to offer but isn’t always easy to cover on foot because of the distances between attractions, and more often than not- members of your party are parked in all directions, and these parking garages are quite a distance apart. Downtown Ann Arbor has very limited storefront parking, and a few parking garages that are quite a walk from the main attractions around town. This gets to be a challenge, because these parking garages are located on the outskirts of the main dragand a good walk to Ann Arbor’s many offerings.

Answer – Ann Arbor Party Bus Rentals

Let Varsity Limousine Services solve one of Ann Arbor’s biggest problems- PARKING. Whether it’s just you and your significant other- or a large group of friends or family- consider Varsity Limousine’s Party Bus Rentals to take you there in style- ALL of you, in one first class Party Bus Rental and drop you all off at the front doorstep. No calling or texting to see where people are and when to meet- or hiking across town from a parking structure or expensive parking lots. Our Party Bus Rentals are brand new with the latest features, and will make it a night to remember! Plus, the ride to and from Ann Arbor couldn’t be more fun with everyone in the same vehicle when you travel in style with Varsity Limousine Services.

Ann Arbor Party Bus for Dining Out

Ann Arbor offers many options for dining out. Whether casual or fine dining, or just having some drinks and an appetizer at the bar- Ann Arbor has over 300 restaurants with many cultural options to consider, like- Ethiopian, Eastern European, Italian and of course- your favorite American specialties with a unique Ann Arbor twist. Taking a Party Bus to Ann Arbor to go out an wine and dine with friends keeps all of you in the same vehicle, offers front door Limo Service, and you are all seated at the same time and at the same table. No wandering through the restaurant or bar looking for the rest of your party. Let Varsity Limousine Services make it an extra special meal for all of you and your crew.

Ann Arbor Party Bus to The Big House

Ann Arbor is Home to the University of Michigan and The Big House- the Michigan Wolverines home field. Unfortunately, your parking options are endless when attending the game. Taking a Party Bus to the game with your fellow fans (or your rivals even) keeps all of you in the same vehicle, offers front gate level of service, and you are all seated at the same time. No wandering around the inside of the stadium or from tailgate to tailgate looking for the rest of your party. Let Varsity Limousine Services make it an extra special game for all of you- even if there’s some rivals with you!

Ann Arbor Party Bus for bar night out- or game day at the sports bar

Maybe you could’t score tickets to the U of M game- what’s the next best thing? Watching the game on TV at any bar in Ann Arbor, where you’re guaranteed to be partying with some new and friendly fellow fans. It sure beats bumming out on your couch by yourself and having to do your own serving and cooking! Let Varsity Limousine Services make game day an even bigger winner by putting you as close to the game as you can get without a ticket- and you can THOROUGHLY enjoy yourself knowing that WE are getting you home safely.

Ann Arbor Party Bus for the Art Fair

Ann Arbor hosts one of the premier art events in Michigan every Summer. Whether you just want to admire the art, hang out in an “artsy” environment, or purchase some unique art to adorn your dwelling with- THIS is the event to attend. If carrying cup of wine or craft beer sounds more fun than carrying a large piece of art- then this is also a perfect event for local wine and beer tasting as the Ann Arbor area supports many craft brewers. Maybe BOTH would be the winning combination- what could possibly go better together? After you’e had your fill of each- give your driver a call and Varsity Limousine will get you (and your art) back home safely.

Things to do with your Ann Arbor Party Bus

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