Clarkston Party Bus for Clarkston’s Best Venues

Why a Clarkston Party Bus Rental?

Downtown Clarkston party bus rentals set you free to enjoy a bustling yet classic small town destination- from shopping, to the theatre, to fine and casual dining and some of the coolest bars and pubs. When heading to Clarkston- specifically downtown, you need to plan well ahead for parking. Clarkston has a lot to offer but isn’t always easy to cover on foot because there is so much to do and so much to see, and more often than not- hanging out with a group requiring more than one vehicle is just inefficient and time consuming. Downtown Clarkston has very limited storefront parking, and Clarkston often has large events where they shut down the streets- making parking even more difficult or further from the things you want to see. Varsity Limousine has the answer for you- a Clarkston party bus rental.

Answer – Clarkston Party Bus Rentals

Varsity Limousine will solve one of Clarkston’s biggest problems- PARKING. Regardless of the size of your group- whether a small or large group of friends, family or coworkers- consider Varsity Limousine’s Clarkston Party Bus Rentals to take all of you there in style, in luxurious Tiffany built Party Bus Rentals and drop you all off wherever you would like to start your adventure. No long walks from a makeshift dusty parking lot or worrying about the parking meter expiring and getting a big ticket when we provide your transportation. Party Bus Rentals from Varsity Limousine are all brand new, loaded with the latest options and features, and are always as clean as they were coming from the factory! You and your party will also relish the ride to and from Clarkston which couldn’t be more fun with everyone in the same vehicle. Travel in total style with Varsity Limousine Services.

Clarkston Party Bus for DTE Concerts

Did you know that Clarkston, MI is home to one of the highest rated amphitheaters in the ENTIRE WORLD? DTE music theatre isn’t the only musical venue in the Clarkston area, however- it is one of the best locations on the planet for seeing your favorite performers. Varsity Limousine has transported concert-goers to DTE all season long for years, now. We will get you there in time for plenty of tailgating to warm up for the show, grab some food and drink as you make your way to the hill or pavilion, see the opening bands and of course- the main act! After the show- we can take to you a dining spot or another bar or pub downtown to keep the night rocking’ on.

Clarkston Party Bus for Dining Out

Dining out in your Clarkston party bus rental is one of the best ways to enjoy the many dining options around the Clarkston area. Whether you are heading to the quaint downtown area for casual or fine dining, or just looking to have some drinks and a unique appetizer from one of the more low key pubs or restaurants- we’ll get you there in time for your dinner reservation. Taking a Clarkston Party Bus to enjoy the day, the evening or both for an all day and all night affair- Varsity Limousine will transport you safe and sound so you can enjoy the many options Clarkston has to offer and not have any worries about your drive home- or anyone else in your party getting home safe.

Clarkston Party Bus for a Taste of Clarkston

A Taste of Clarkston is one of those small town events that people from all over seem to attend and share with friends because it’s such a cool event. With almost 20,000 people flocking to downtown Clarkston for this all day and all evening fun-packed event, there is no doubt that you will have the time of your life. This event is sponsored by some very large business, and backed by not only the Chamber of Commerce- but even the Parks and Recreation gets involved with this one. The city’s main street is closed off to provide space for over 50 restaurants and breweries, with concerts all day and into the night. Enjoy- we’ll get you and your party home safe.

Clarkston Party Bus for the Art in the Village

Clarkston has been hosting one of the most popular art events in Michigan each Fall- for OVER 45 years in Depot Park with some serious qulity artwork. This show is promoted by the Clarkston Community Historical Society- so you know it’s going to be first class all the way. What other way to attend such a first class event than in a Clarkston party bus rental? There are things to do for all ages- including silent art auctions for charity, and many unique pieces of art from jewelry to sculptures to photos and pantings. There is always food, drink and concerts non-stop throughout the event. We’ll be waiting for your call to help you load your artwork into the Clarkston party bus and get it home safe.

Things to do with your Clarkston Party Bus

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