Ferndale Party Bus to see Ferndale’s Best

Why a Ferndale Party Bus?

Downtown Ferndale has so much to offer- from shopping, to the theatre, to fine and casual dining, great outdoor events and more. Problem is, when visiting Ferndale is PARKING. Ferndale has a lot of really cool events downtown, however- they usually block off the streets, and more often than not- members of your party are parked in all directions. Downtown Ferndale has some limited storefront and street side parking, but when the streets are closed off- this does not help at all. This gets to be a challenge, specifically when you are meeting with a number of friends and plan to visit more than one of Ferndale’s many offerings, specifically when it’s a hot Michigan Summer day.

Answer – Ferndale Party Bus from Varsity Limousine

Let Varsity Limousine Services solve one of Ferndale’s biggest problems- PARKING close to an event. Whether it’s just you and your significant other- or a large group of friends or family- consider Varsity Limousine’s Ferndale Party Bus Rentals to take you there in style- ALL of you, in one first class Party Bus and drop you all off at the front event entrance. No calling or texting to see where people are and when to meet. Our Party Bus Rentals are brand new with the latest features, and will make it a night to remember! Plus, the ride to your destination couldn’t be more fun with everyone in the same vehicle traveling in first class style with Varsity Limousine Services.

Ferndale by Party Bus

Varsity Limousine has a brand new fleet of Party Bus Rentals for your Ferndale Party Bus needs. Our Party Bus Rentals have the latest and greatest technology offerings- every option available from the manufacturer to ensure your Ferndale Party Bus Rental will turn heads as you approach your destination. Taking a Party Bus or Limousine to Ferndale is the safest and most efficient way to see all that Ferndale has to offer. Let Varsity Limousine Services take the worry out of your transportation needs so you can enjoy your adventure around downtown Ferndale and all Ferndale has to offer. Check out the map below for plenty of great ideas.

Ferndale Party Bus for Dining Out

Ferndale offers many options for dining out- and this includes dining “out”side as well. Whether casual or fine dining, or just having some drinks and an appetizer at the bar- your options are endless. There are many street side cafe’s, bistro’s and bars that are perfect spots to relax and people watch. Taking a Party Bus or Limousine to go out with friends keeps all of you in the same vehicle, offers front doorstep Limousine Service, and you are all seated at the same time. No wandering through the restaurant or bar or up and down the streets looking for the rest of your party. Let Varsity Limousine Services make it an extra special for all of you- or just 2 of you- we have you covered with multiple busses in multiple sizes to offer the perfect Ferndale Party Bus for your outing.

Ferndale Party Bus for the Theatre

Ferndale offers many options for entertaining. Whether a play or a movie, concert, or just enjoying some of the local live entertainment – taking a Party Bus or Limousine to go out to for some live entertainment in Ferndale has so many options, you may not even be able to check them all out in a single night on the town. DJ’s spinning it up to the Magic Bag theatre with major national bands playing there to again, major national bands playing at the outdoor festivals that happen all year long in Ferndale- there’s always something super fun going on. Let Varsity Limousine Services make it a memorable performance- one of many in Ferndale.

Ferndale Party Bus for Exclusive Events

Ferndale offers many options for an exclusive experience with festivals, fairs and concerts nearly every single weekend. Whether you’re looking for art, music or food – taking a Ferndale Party Bus with friends can be a totally luxurious experience that includes ALL of these options ALL at a single event in most cases- regardless of the event theme. Varsity Limousine Services will get you right to the front gate. box office or event entrance. No long walks across the downtown area to see each and every booth, show, or sale. Save your energy for enjoying Ferndale’s best- let Varsity Limousine Services make it a memorable excursion for your party, and one that will make you proud of making the travel arrangements.

Places to visit with your Ferndale Party Bus

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