St. Clair Shores Party Bus Rentals to see St. Clair Shores Best

Why a Limo or Party Bus to St. Clair Shores?

With all that St. Clair Shores has to offer- there isn’t really a centralized downtown area where you can just park and walk the entire area. Your biggest challenge when visiting St. Clair Shores is WATER! St. Clair Shores has so much to do, however- isn’t always easy to combine attractions due to the distances between them because the majority of the best attractions are along the waterfront and the famous Nautical Mile. Unless you have a boat docked somewhere along the nautical Mile- you’re going to have to go “by land” to visit the many attractions along the waterfront- including the beaches.

Answer – St. Clair Shores Party Bus Rentals by Varsity Limousine. 

At Varsity Limousine Services- we are your land yacht- solving biggest challenges when planning a single event or an all day excursion around St. Clair Shores. Consider Varsity Limousine’s St. Clair Shores Party Bus Rentals to take you there in style- even if that means you’re sporting a bikini- style is style. How about a day at the beach for one of your corporate outings followed by a few drinks in the cool shade of one of the Nautical Mile watering holes? Wherever your destination choice- travel in style with Varsity Limousine Services.


St. Clair Shores Summer Kickoff

Start your Michigan Summer off right with one of our brand new fleet of Party Bus Rentals for your St. Clair Shores fun in the sun at one of the biggest events period on Lake St. Clair! You’re going to travel in first class style- even if you’re in bathing suits and sunglasses- you’ll be certain to turn heads from your first stop to load up your coolers to your arrival at Jefferson Beach to get the day underway. The Party Bus Rentals from Varsity Limousine have the latest technology and luxury offerings to ensure your St. Clair Shores Party Bus is the most impressive vehicle pulling up to the beach area. Taking a Party Bus or Limo to the beach party is one of the most unique things you can do, and instead of worrying about who’s driving home after partying in the sun all day- we take care of your transportation needs- enjoy your beach adventure and let us worry about the rest!


St. Clair Shores Party Bus for Dining Out

The St. Clair Shores famous Nautical Mile offers tons of options for dining out for lunch and drinks, dinner and drinks, and lot’s of after sun nightlife partying. Taking a St. Clair Shores party bus is the safest and most convenient way to go. Casual or fine dining, from bathing suits to formalwear and themed parties all throughout the season- or a combination of all the above depending on what time of day or night- your options are endless. Take a Party Bus or Limousine to go boating with friends, family, coworkers then stop for lunch at many waterfront bars, restaurants or marinas that have both. Let Varsity Limousine make it a special nautical outing.

St. Clair Shores Party Bus for golf outings

St. Clair Shores has some great golf courses- both within the city limits and just outside the city for some links along the Lake St. Clair shoreline that provide incredible views while teeing it up. Whether you’re heading out for a couple of rounds with a league, a group of friends or even a corporate golf outing for the day- let Varsity Limousine Services make it a PGA-level performance for all. We will get you and your foursome- or many foursomes to the front door and unload your clubs for a day on the course. After a long day of swinging, enjoy some lunch or dinner and drinks- and don’t worry about who has to drive you all home- we have it covered at Varsity Limousine.

St. Clair Shores Party bus Rentals to the breweries

St. Clair Shores actually has many brewery options to enjoy before or after your day on the water or at the beach. You and your party will certainly appreciate the safety and convenience of having your transportation waiting for you outside to take you to your next destination. With so many beer tasting options to take in- each with their own incredible menu of craft beers- driving or having to limit your beer tasting because you’re the designated driver will just limit your exposure to these great beer recipes. Stop into thee local breweries as a primer before hitting the beach or heading out boating on Lake St. Clair and let Varsity Limousine Services take care of your transportation needs for the entire day and evening so you can focus on the fun!

Things to do with your St. Clair Shores Party Bus

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