Washington Township Party Bus for the Best Night Out

Why a Washington Township Party Bus?

With all that Washington Township has to offer- from shops, to the theaters, to an extensive line up of unique, fine and casual dining and more- the biggest geographic challenge when visiting Washington Township is trying to experience more than one venue. Washington Township has a lot to offer, however- it’s impossible to cover it on foot because of the distances as there is not an actual “downtown” area where these attractions are truly concentrated enough to see while walking. This is by far the biggest challenge, specifically when you have a number of friends, family or co-workers and plan to visit more than one of Washington Township’s cool places to go.

Washington Township Party Bus Rentals

Let Varsity Limousine Services be the solution to Washington Township’s biggest challenge- distances. Whether it’s just you and your significant other- or a large group- consider Varsity Limousine’s Washington Township Party Bus Rentals to take you there in style- ALL of you, in one first class Party Bus Rental and take you all in one vehicle to as many places as you would like to attend. Our Party Bus Rentals are brand new with the latest features, and will take you to the best destinations. Plus, the ride to your destination couldn’t be more fun with everyone in the same vehicle when you travel in style with Varsity Limousine Services.

Washington Township

Party Bus for fine dining

Varsity Limousine has a brand new fleet of Party Bus Rentals for your Washington Township Limousine Service. Our Party Bus Rentals have the latest and greatest technology offerings- every option available from the manufacturer to ensure your Washington Township Limo Rental will turn heads as you approach your destination. Taking a Party Bus or Limousine to Washington Township to visit one of the fine dining establishments is the only way to go to see all that Washington Township has to offer. Let Varsity Limousine Services take the worry out of your transportation needs so you can enjoy your adventure around Washington Township.

Washington Township for casual Dining Out

Washington Township offers many options for casual dining. Whether you’re just having some drinks and an appetizer at the bar or looking for some serious comfort food- your options are endless. Taking a Washington Township Party Bus to go out and sample al of the different types of food options in Washington Township is the best way to go out and fill up on Italian, Asain or good old American cuisine and more. Is Pizza one of your favorite meals- like the rest of us? No wondering where to go or settling for delivery- head out to one of the multiple pizza joints in Washington Township and you can;t go wrong! Let Varsity Limousine Services make it an extra special meal.

Washington Township Party Bus for a craft beer experience

Washington Township offers many options for going out and enjoying some drinks. However- there is also the beer focussed option of Brown Iron Brewhouse – locally famous for it’s incredible selection of craft beers that even a brewmaster would appreciate. A Washington Township Party Bus or Limousine to go out to for some great brews, offers front door drop off, and you are all seated together, ready to order that first tasty round at the same time. No waiting for the rest of your party for that first toast when all of you are there at once and the first round arrives. Let Varsity Limousine Services make it a memorable hops experience.

Washington Township Party Bus to the sports bars

Washington Township has many super cool sports bars and pubs for watching the games- ALL of them from not only one seat- but multiple places to head out between quarters or during halftime – taking a Washington Township Party Bus or Limousine with your sports buddies can be a totally luxurious experience, and make it a game day like no other. Why bother spending half the day on the road heading to downtown Detroit when you can pile all of your tailgating pals into a party bus and hit a new sports bar each quarter if you want? No long walks all over the downtown Detroit- save your energy for cheering on your team. Varsity Limousine Services will make every Sunday feel like Super Bowl Sunday!

Where to go with your Washington Township Party Bus

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