Macomb Township Party Bus Rentals to see Macomb’s Best

Why a Limo or Party Bus to Macomb Township?

There really isn’t a “Downtown” Macomb Township and it’s hard to believe with so much to offer- from shopping, to the theatre, to fine and casual dining and more. Part of the challenge when visiting Macomb Township is attempting to see it all on your won and figuring out a safe and efficient mode of transportation. Macomb Township has a lot to offer but it’s not possible to cover it all on foot because of the distances between attractions, let alone not easy to cover on your own if you have a large party, and multiple vehicles. This gets to be a challenge too, specifically when you are meeting with a number of friends and plan to visit more than one of Macomb Township’s many offerings.


Answer – Macomb Township Party Bus Rentals

Let Varsity Limousine Services solve one of Macomb Township’s biggest problems- all of the major attractions are really far apart- and we will connect those dots so you can see as much of Macomb Township as you want, and never have to worry about the transportation logistics. With all of your party in one single mode of transportation- there’s no waiting around in the parking lot for 10-20 minutes for the last of your group as an example. Our Macomb Township Party Bus Rentals are brand new with the latest features, and will make it a night to remember! Plus, the ride to your destination couldn’t be more fun with everyone in the same vehicle when you travel in style with Varsity Limousine Services.

Macomb Township Party Bus for Drinks

Varsity Limousine has a brand new fleet of Macomb Township Party Bus Rentals for your Macomb Township night on the town. Our Party Buses will not only turn heads when picking you up for your night out- but will turn heads as you approach your destination. Taking a Party Bus or Limousine to Macomb Township is the safest way to see all that Macomb Township has to offer for your drinking pleasure. There are so many cool sports bars, bistros, lodges and casual to fine dining establishments to stop and see while all of your transportation needs are met by Varsity Limousine Services. Be safe and call us today.

Macomb Township Party Bus to the Movies

Macomb Township has one of the many Imagine Movie Theatres in the Detroit Metro area, and there is simply no better way to see a movie than taking a Macomb Township Party Bus. The Imagine Theatre in Macomb offers Luxury seating (that you can reserve in your favorite theatre location) in a stadium seating array so everyone can see the screen perfectly. The sound system can’t eb described in print either- Dolby Atmos- it just doesn’t get any better. Let Varsity Limousine Services make it an extra special for all of you- or just 2 of you for a romantic movie before or after dinner.

Macomb Township Party Bus to a Hookah Lounge

Macomb Township offers lots of options for entertaining. One of the hippest things to do in between stops? Taking a Macomb Township Party Bus or Limousine to go out to for some relaxing moments at the hookah lounge. This is the perfect in-between stop on your way to have dinner and drinks, or just some more drinks! Let Varsity Limousine Services make it a memorable experience for you and your party, as well as any onlookers from inside the hookah lounge- where they’ll be wishing they were leaving with you on to your next destination.

Macomb Township Party Bus for Dining

Macomb Township has so many options for grabbing a great meal that listing them all would be impossible. Whether it’s an appetizer, casual food or fine dining – taking a Macomb Township Party Bus or Limousine to eat out with friends, family or co-workers after a long day- it will be a totally luxurious experience with Varsity Limousine Services. At Varsity Limousine- we have the newest party busses for rent with the latest technology available from Tiffany- one of the world’s most respected limousine and party bus manufacturers. We can take you to one spot for appetizers, then to another for dinner and drinks- all in true luxury!

Things to do with your Macomb Township Party Bus

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