A Birthday Party Bus Rental for a birthday party on the move is perfect for making that once a year event even more special. Get the party guests together with the guest of honor for that special birthday boy or girl. Have a few drinks on your way while celebrating another year gone by in the most luxurious and brand new party bus rental money can buy.

This celebration could be every year or one of those special decade celebrations marking a new decade ahead. And even if it’s a child’s birthday celebration- there’s nothing saying that the parents and parents of the other kids can’t celebrate like it’s their birthday too! Enjoy cake and open presents while in transit to a fun destination for the kids.

Your birthday party bus rental will be a rolling birthday bash. Whether you and your mobile birthday party want to go out a grab drinks and dinner or travel in total luxury to a private venue reserved for your birthday party- you can have the celebration while traveling to avoid having to bring cake and presents into your destination. Your birthday party bus rental will allow you to focus on enjoying a second celebration at your destination without crowding the table or lugging gifts inside, so you can enjoy your first or many stops ahead.

At Varsity Limousine Services, we’ll be certain to make any birthday celebration extra special for the guest of honor and their guests of honor as well! We have the newest fleet for a birthday party bus rental with all luxury and convenience options available with our brand new party bus fleet- nothing is spared for our passengers to feel like they are the king or queen of the day, as deserved for making it to another new year of life.

Check out our party bus rental fleet and view other limo transportation options for groups large and small- visit our Party Bus and Limo Fleet page today for a birthday party bus rental excursion that you, your child and all friends and family included will never forget. You will be so impressed you’ll be making a reservation in advance to do it all over again next year!