College Football Party Bus to the Games all over Southern Michigan or even to Ohio for a Big 10 Ohio State stand will make the games more exciting- win or lose! At Varsity Limousine Services – we take pride in getting you to your favorite alma mater or just your favorite campus safe and in style with one of our brand new sparkling clean first class College Football Party Bus rentals.

The fun doesn’t have to begin with tailgating either. If this is a road trip to a competing campus- how about breakfast before we hit the road? Just let us know ahead of time to schedule the stop, and we’ll be certain you make it with plenty of tailgating time at the stadium- and with a full tummy. How about grilling while you’re there tailgating? Bring a cooler full of grill-ables and a portable grill with you and there you have it: drinks, beer, burgers and bratwurst at the game!

At Varsity Limousine Services, we take pride in getting you to your favorite college campus with our College Football Party Bus rentals safe and sound- but it doesn’t have to end with the game either. How about hitting a couple of college-town bars outside the stadium and celebrate a win with the students? Maybe dinner after the game? The options are endless on college football days.

Take a look at our party bus rental fleet and transportation options for groups large and small- visit our Party Bus and Limo Fleet page today. We have the perfect College Football Party Bus groups of all sizes with every luxury option available for your pleasure on game day.