Prom transportation safety tips for parents from Varsity Limousine to help with some of the worries associated with sending your teens out for the evening. Prom party bus rentals to and from the dance and wherever that leads next is perfect for parents who are looking for some relief from one of the main concerns on prom night- safe transportation.

No need to worry about transportation safety on prom night with Varsity Limousine’s prom night party bus in charge of transporting your teens safely, and for added peace-of-mind, here are some tips for you to consider to make the night even more worry-free:

  • Establish Lines of Communication: This applies to both ends, the parents and the teens. There’s nothing like trying desperately to get ahold of a loved one or their friends or the parents of their friends. Name and confirm a first point of contact in the prom party as well as a backup contact. Make sure these two contacts are both aware of their role- but also aware of how important their role is in communicating- not ignoring communication requests. Also establish a parent for both primary and backup communications that other parents can stay in contact with so all parents are not constantly trying to contact everyone in the party bus.
  • Include the Prom Party Bus Chauffeur: Be certain that you have a direct number to the driver who can update the parental primary and secondary parent in case of an accident or as a last resort point of contact if the primary or secondary teens are unable or unwilling to communicate with the parental points of contact. Inform the driver of his/her role and exchange the contact information for both the parents and the teens with the driver to complete the communication circle.
  • Check out who’s driving your teens around: Start with simple online reviews. Google and Yext are kings of online reviews and they have strict rules in place that identify “fake reviews”. Pay close attention to what reviewers have to say about their driver, the vehicles themselves, and even how the representatives and management treated prospective customers- both before and AFTER the party bus rental experience. This is a direct reflection of how well your experience should go.
  • Review the Prom Party bus Fleet: How new are the vehicles? What type of options do these vehicles have? Were they created in a reputable conversion facility by experienced conversion experts- or are they just converted cargo vehicles that were produced in a local body shop? Experienced conversion shops follow strict safety and Department of Transportation rules and offer their vehicles nationwide to transportation companies.
  • Last- is your source licensed by your state? Each company needs to be licensed to conduct any form of public/private transportation services and has to follow strict rules for the safety and inspection of their vehicles, and the drivers must have chauffeurs licenses (plus additional certifications for very large vehicles) that are current in order to legally transport your precious cargo.

The above is not an all-inclusive list, but a great starting point for your Prom Night Party Bus Rental to help ensure your teens and their friends are safely transported both to and from the dance, as well as to the after parties, dinners and other events and destinations that may be planned. Safe transportation is the foundation for an entertaining and SAFE prom night.

At Varsity Limousine Services, we take pride in getting your teens and their friends safely to and from one of the most memorable nights they will ever have from their youth, and bring the proper peace-of-mind to parents who’s first concern is transportation safety.

Check out our party bus rental fleet and view other limo transportation options for groups large and small- visit our Party Bus and Limo Fleet page today for a luxury transport experience you’ll never forget!