Party Bus Rentals for the biggest bar night on the town are the only way to safely have fun and enjoy drinks with friends. The day before Thanksgiving kicks off the Holiday season, and you don’t want to dampen the Holiday spirit with a possible DUI or even worse- injuring someone on the road. Let Varsity Limousine Services pick you and your friends up after work and at your home for a worry free night on the town.

Every bar in every city around the Detroit Metro area is going to be packed with fun! No need to worry about showing late, just to find out your friends have already moved on to a different bar- travel together in the Party Bus! Parking spots are never a worry with Party Bus Rentals because you are dropped off on the front doorstep- let Varsity Limousine Services worry about the rest.

Step into the Holiday season right by stepping into one of our BRAND NEW party busses. If you and your group want to go out a grab dinner and drinks anywhere in the Detroit Metro area- you can count on Varsity Limousine Services to kick off your Holidays with a first class experience. Bring your favorite Holiday music too! Our audio systems are Bluetooth enabled and are the finest sounding systems available. There’s no better way to set the mood not just for the night- but for the whole Holiday season ahead, and the stories you’ll tell over Thanksgiving dinner the next day. One story you won’t have to worry about is being pulled over, and who knows what after that….

At Varsity Limousine Services, we take pride in getting you, your friends and your family to and from your destination- safe and on time every time! It’s just not worth the risk on Thanksgiving Eve to be out there driving on your own. Even if you were a designated driver- it’s often the other drivers on the road that night that can be even more dangerous. But not when you’re in a 6-ton Party Bus. No safer way to travel around town on such a busy night.

Check out our party bus rentals and view other limo transportation options for groups large and small- visit our Party Bus and Limo Fleet page today for a Thanksgiving Eve experience you’ll never forget!!!